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Need USB handsets for control rooms and coordination centers?

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In need of USB handsets for control centres and coordination centres?

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Intelligent USB handset solution with Push-To-Talk-/Push- To-Mute function

Control centers are crucial when it comes to critical communications. Important decisions are made here within seconds. The fast and careful forwarding of information in an emergency can save lives.

Reliable technology is essential for a smooth process. With the Plathosys CT 260 PRO handset we have developed a professional product especially for these demanding challenges. The system solution with special solutions for the highest demands on reliability in complex situations.

One unnecessary connection too many? One push to talk button too few? Need an option for a second listener? All this is and more possible with the CT 260 PRO. Let’s talk!

The most important facts about the Plathosys CT 260 PRO

Versatile connection options

USB handset accessories for control centres

  • Customized integrable systems solution
  • Hook on/-off-function *
  • Ring tone signal via internal loudspeaker
  • Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) via
  • Headset* to DHSG Standard (wireless headset)
  • Optional listening in via headset/second handset
  • Locally configurable PTT- and PTM-function***
  • EU-conformity to EU directive 1995/5/EG (R&TTE directive)/CE marking
  • Acoustic Shock Protection
  • Voice quality earpiece and microphone: Frequency range 100 Hz to 7.500 Hz according to ETSI ES 202 739‘ (wideband audio quality)
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Hearing aid compatibility (HAC) according to FCC Part 68.316 and 68.317
  • Separate volume control
    • Handset (Earpiece and microphone)
    • Headset (Earpiece and microphone)
    • Internal/external loudspeakers **
    • Desktop microphone
  • API-software available for the development of customers‘ specific applications
  • Plug&play installation
  • USB sockets with high locking strength
  • External passive loudspeaker can be connected
  • Independently usable switching contact if preferred as PTT-function*

One handset - versatile connection options. The Plathosys CT 260 PRO

Enhanced performance for professional use through greater flexibility in your connection options.

Tailored to meet the requirements of your dispatcher workstation

The CT 260 PRO has been developed as a systems solution, so we can meet every individual requirement of your dispatcher workstations (D).

Optional accessories include a foot-operated switch ①, a desktop microphone ②, an external passive loudspeaker ③, a cordless ④ or cabled headset ⑥ as well as a second handset ⑤.

With the CT 260 PRO using API all devices can be configured in line with individual customer requirements.

A perfect match. Plathosys CT 260 PRO & accessories


Cordless & cabled headsets

E.g. Jabra PRO 9465 DUO (binaural) or Jabra BIZ 2400 (monaural)
Other models on request

Connection cable with PTT/ PTM button

For Jabra-Headsets (Part No. 103022)

Plathosys CT 190 PRO

Additional Plathosys handset to listen in (Part No. 104213)

External loudspeakers

With a sturdy synthetic casing and a transmission range 250 Hz-8kHz. Enables monitoring in noisy environments  (Part No. 103748)

Desk microphone

Desktop microphone with or without LED-ring* & PTT-function
(Part No. 104171)

Foot-operated switch

Suitable as PTT/PTM switch, with sturdy casing (Part No. 102541)

Sophisticated down to the smallest detail.

More than 50 years of experience with special solutions are the base of every Plathosys product. Even in the smallest component.
Our ergonomic Plathosys gooseneck microphone, for example, has an extremely reliable and smooth-running PTT button. So that important instructions are guaranteed to reach their recipient.

We also offer development of special solutions for you.

Technical data: Plathosys CT 260 PRO at a glance

Technical Specifications

Power supply
(USB: 5V, max. 400mA).

Supports USB 1.1. & 2.0 & 3.0

The system is addressable for
32 Bit and 64 Bit

Scope of delivery

with coiled cable

USB base station

USB connecting cable 2m

Operating instructions

System requirements

MS Windows XP
MS Windows 2000
MS Windows Vista
MS Windows 7
MS Windows 8.1

(1.1. or higher)

Description of material

Sturdy casing made of flame retardant synthetic material PC-ABS (Norm UL 94)

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